Founder & Directing Partner. Jarrod Nisbet

Founder & Directing Partner. Jarrod Nisbet

Jarrod always knew he would have a future in the Automotive Industry, when twenty years ago, a flash of ‘yellow’ screamed past his high school that had left an ever lasting impression on him. It turned out to be a yellow BMW M3, Jarrod had tracked down that same day after school parked outside the local BMW Dealership. Cheekily, he had asked for a job, and started washing cars after school. After four months, the offer of an apprenticeship was given, and becoming a qualified BMW Technician followed four years later. ┬áThe travel bug soon bit him, and before he knew it, Jarrod had spent the last fifteen years in Ireland, England and Australia with the last two back in his native home country of New Zealand as a successful Aftersales Manager back at the very same BMW Dealership he had found that yellow BMW M3 some twenty years earlier.

Jarrod’s career has been one of natural progression, mostly with BMW but also experience gained with Audi, Bentley, Ford and BMW Motorrad. ┬áThis international experience is what Jarrod believe’s is key to assisting Dealer Aftersales achieve success in an ever increasing competitive market.

“Taking a fresh approach, I can see what works and what doesn’t in a dealership. I have seen the worst of the worst, from ‘septic’ managers with high employee turnover, to natural born leaders that lead by example, where employees love their job and are a part of the team. Implementing key processes that I have learned over the years, processes that I have seen make an impact, a sustainable and positive impact. That is why I founded Global Aftersales Solutions, I love to help people and help them succeed in their goals and ambitions. I also have consultants working along side me that I have known for many years, with the same goals, and that is what makes our future exciting.”

For Jarrod and his young family, the time was to return to Ireland and settle. With his eldest daughter starting school soon, it was a natural choice, as well as being closer to family. However, the new company will keep his travel bug in check as Jarrod will be traveling regularly to the United Kingdom, Europe and North America as Global Aftersales Solutions has started to gain traction.

“Cars, travel and people are my passion. If there is a classic car show on wherever I am, I will be making sure I have enough time to sneak off to see it!”